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Three command buttons naturally reside on the toolbar: Save, Undo, and Redo. You’re free,
however, to remove them.
The item to the left of the Quick Access toolbar is the window control button. It’s a part of most
windows, not something unique to the Quick Access toolbar.
The last item on the toolbar is the menu button. This menu is illustrated in Figure 29-4 .
You can customize icons that appear on the Quick Access toolbar. The key is to find a command you
use often, or a command that is otherwise tedious to access, and add it. It’s quite easy to do, if you
know how to right-click the mouse — and read the next section.
Adding commands to the Quick Access toolbar
To add a command to the Quick Access toolbar, locate its command button anywhere on the Ribbon.
Right-click the command and choose Add to Quick Access toolbar from the shortcut menu that pops
You can also add a command to the Quick Access toolbar by using its menu (refer to Figure 29-4 ) :
Choose a common command from that menu, such as the Quick Print command, to add it to the
Word remembers which commands you add to the toolbar. These same commands will be there
the next time you start Word, in every document window.
Some commands place buttons on the toolbar, and others place drop-down menus or text boxes.
Removing commands from the Quick Access toolbar
To remove a command from the Quick Access toolbar, right-click its command button and choose
Remove from Quick Access toolbar.
Likewise, you can choose a command with a check mark from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar
menu. Doing so removes that command from the toolbar.
I don’t recommend removing the Undo or Redo commands from the toolbar, unless
you’ve truly committed the Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y keyboard shortcuts to memory.
Customizing the Quick Access toolbar
For vast control over the Quick Access toolbar, you summon the Quick Access toolbar portion of the
Word Options dialog box, as shown in Figure 29-5 . To summon this window, choose More
Commands from the Quick Access toolbar’s menu.
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