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Starting Word the boring way
Without fail, the place to start any program in Windows is at the fabled Start button or, in Windows
8, on the Start screen.
In Windows 8, look for the Word 2013 tile on the Start screen. You may have to scroll the
screen to the left to find the tile, as shown in the margin. Click or touch the tile to start the Word
In Windows 7, click the Start button, which is often found on the left side of the taskbar and at the
bottom of the screen, adorned with the Windows logo . Choose Microsoft Word 2013 from the Start
menu’s list of programs.
When Word isn’t found on the Start menu’s list of programs, choose the All Programs menu to look
for it. Sometimes, it may be lurking on a Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 2013 submenu.
After choosing the tile or icon to start Word, you can watch in amazement as the program unfurls its
sails on your computer’s monitor.
Don’t let Word’s appearance overwhelm you! Later in this chapter, I describe what you’re
looking at, in the section “Examining Word’s main screen.”
If you can’t find Word’s tile or icon, it may not be installed on your computer. This topic is
specific to Microsoft Word, not to the Microsoft Works word processor or any other word
processor. (See the section “Foolish Assumptions” in this topic’s Introduction.)
I refer to the program as Word, though its icon may be labeled Microsoft Word, Microsoft
Office Word, Microsoft Word 2013, or another variation.
Starting Word the best way
The best way to start Word, and the way I do it every day, is to pin the Word icon to the taskbar.
That way, you can start Word directly from the Desktop.
What is a word processor?
At its core, a word processor is computer software —a program — that lets you create documents. That’s
really the key word — documents . A document includes formatted text, margins, maybe even a bit of
artwork. The word processor contains all the tools to make that happen; this topic explains how those tools
In Windows 8, you can pin the icon to the taskbar by following these steps:
1. Right-click the Word tile on the Start screen.
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