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Chapter 30
The Ten Commandments of Word
In This Chapter
Thou shalt remember to save thy work
Thou shalt not use spaces unnecessarily
Thou shalt not press Enter at the end of a line
Thou shalt not neglect thy keyboard
Thou shalt not manually number thy pages
Thou shalt not press the Enter key to start a new page
Thou shalt not forget thy Undo command
Honor thy printer
Thou shalt have multiple document windows before thee
Neglecteth not Windows
I admit that I look nothing like Charlton Heston. Though I’m only guessing, I probably look nothing
like Moses, either. Still, I feel compelled to return from Mount Sinai with some basic codes for word
processing. I call them my Ten Commandments of Word.
Thou Shalt Remember to Save Thy Work
Save! Save! Save! Always save your stuff. Whenever your mind wanders, have your fingers dart over
to the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut. Savest thy work.
Thou Shalt Not Use More Than One Space
Generally speaking, you should never find more than one space anywhere in a Word document. The
appearance of two or more spaces in a row is a desperate cry for a tab. Use single spaces to separate
words and sentences. Use tabs to indent or to align text on a tab stop.
Refer to Chapter 12 on setting tabs.
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