Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
When you need to start text at the top of a new page, you use the manual page-break command. Its
keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Enter. That’s the best and most proper way to start a new page. Also see
Chapter 13 .
The worst way to start a new page is to brazenly press the Enter key a couple of dozen times.
Although the result may look okay, this strategy doesn’t guarantee anything; as you continue to edit
your document, the page break moves back and forth and ends up looking butt-ugly.
Thou Shalt Not Forget Thy Undo Command
Just about anything that happens in Word can be undone by choosing the Undo command from the
Quick Access toolbar or pressing the popular and common keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Z.
Honor Thy Printer
The biggest printing problem anyone has is telling Word to print something when the printer isn’t
on. Verify that your printer is on, healthy, and ready to print before you tell Word to print something.
Never (or at least try not to) continue trying the Print command when a document doesn’t
print. Word tries to print once every time you use the Print command. Somewhere and
sometime, those documents will print, unless you do something to prevent it.
Thou Shalt Have Multiple Document Windows
Before Thee
In Word, as in most Windows applications, you can work on more than one document at a time. In
fact, you can have as many document windows open as you can stand (or until the computer runs
out of memory). Word even lets you view a single document in multiple windows. Refer to Chapter
24 to see how things are done.
You don’t have to close one document to open and view another document.
You don’t have to quit Word to run another program, either. In Windows, you can run multiple
programs at a time. So don’t quit Word when you plan to start it again in just a little while.
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