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Chapter 31
Ten Cool Tricks
In This Chapter
Saving automatically
Using keyboard shortcuts
Creating fractions
Setting electronic bookmarks
Restricting access to a document
Creating a drop cap
Seeing the big document picture
Creating and printing envelopes
Sorting paragraphs
Mapping Ctrl+F to Advanced Find
When it comes down to it, just about everything Word does can be considered a cool trick. I still
marvel at how word-wrap works and at how you can change margins after a document is written and all
the text instantly jiggles into place. Everything in this topic can be considered a cool trick, but when it
came down to the wire, I found ten cool tricks barely (or not) mentioned anywhere else and stuck
them in this chapter.
Automatic Save with AutoRecover
Word’s AutoRecover feature will save your butt someday. What it does is periodically save your
document, even when you neglect to. That way, in the event of a computer crash, Word recovers your
document from a safety copy that it has secretly made for you. That’s a blessing.
Ensure that AutoRecover is activated. Heed these directions:
1. Click the File tab.
2. On the File screen, choose Options.
The Word Options dialog box appears.
3. Choose Save.
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