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these fraction characters. When you need your own, specific fraction, such as 3 6 4, you can create it
this way:
1. Press Ctrl+Shift+= (the equal sign).
This keyboard is the shortcut for the superscript command.
2. Type the numerator — the top part of the fraction.
For example, type 3 for 3 64 .
3. Press Ctrl+Shift+= again to turn off superscripting.
4. Type the slash mark ( ).
5. Press Ctrl+= to turn on subscripting.
6. Type the denominator — the bottom part of the fraction.
For example, type 64 for 3 64 .
7. Press Ctrl+= to turn off subscripting.
There’s your fraction.
Electronic Bookmarks
Word allows you to stick electronic bookmarks into your document. They not only help you set your
place in a document but also flag specific tidbits of text for other commands, such as Go To.
Bookmarks can prove quite handy — better than trying to use the Find command to locate places in your
text where the text itself may not reflect what you’re searching for. For example, your bookmark
might say, “Here’s where you stopped reviewing the text.”
To set a bookmark, place the insertion pointer where you want to insert the bookmark. From the
Insert tab, click the Bookmark button in the Links group. Type a name for the bookmark in the
Bookmark dialog box. Try to keep the bookmark name to one word, letters only. Press the Enter key or
click the Add button.
Bookmarks don’t show up on the screen; they’re invisible. But you can use the Go To command to
find them: Press the Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut to summon the Go To tab in the Find and Replace
dialog box. Choose Bookmark from the Go to What list and then select a bookmark name from the
drop-down list on the right side of the dialog box. Click the Go To button to visit that bookmark’s
location. (Close the Find and Replace dialog box when you’re done with it.)
Lock Your Document
When you really, really don’t want anyone messing with your document, you can apply some
protection. The key is to lock your document. Several levels of protection are available, but you start
the journey by following these steps:
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