Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
To add a drop cap to your document, select the first character of the first word at the start of your
text. For example, select the O in Once upon a time. From the Insert tab, choose a drop cap style
from the Drop Cap button’s menu, found in the Text group. And there’s your drop cap.
It helps if the drop cap’s paragraph is left-justified and not indented with a tab or any of the
tricky formatting operations discussed in Part III of this topic.
You can undo a drop cap by clicking it and then choosing Drop Cap None.
Map Your Document
The Navigation pane can be used to not only find text but also help you see the big picture on your
document. The pane replaces an older feature, beloved by many Word users — the Document Map.
To see the big picture, click the View tab and put a check mark by the Navigation Pane item, found
in the Show group. You see a document summary listed by heading style, as shown in Figure 31-2 .
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