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2. Choose the command Pin to Taskbar.
The Pin to Taskbar command is found at the bottom of the screen.
To confirm that the icon is properly pinned, press the Win+D keyboard shortcut to see the desktop.
In Windows 7, follow these steps to pin the Word icon to the taskbar:
1. Find the Word icon on the Start button’s All Programs menu.
Don’t click the Word icon — just find it!
2. Right-click the Word icon on the All Programs menu.
3. Choose the command Pin to Taskbar.
The Word icon is pinned (permanently added) to the taskbar.
To start Word, you merely click the Word icon that’s placed on the taskbar. Click! And then Word
starts. That’s the fastest and bestest way to begin your word processing day.
Opening a document to start Word
You use the Word program to create documents, which are stored on your computer in much the
same way as people pile junk into boxes and store them in their garages. But that’s not important.
What is important is that you can use those documents to start Word: Opening a Word document
causes Word to start and to display that document for editing, printing, or giving others the
impression that you’re doing something.
What’s your point, Dan?
My point is that you can also start Word by opening a Word document. Simply locate the
Word document icon (shown in the margin) in a folder window. Double-click to open the document,
and Word starts up on the screen, instantly (more or less) displaying the document for editing,
reading, modifying, perusing, cussing, mangling, and potentially fouling up beyond all recognition.
The Word document you open can be on the desktop, in the My Documents folder, or in any
other folder or location where a Word document icon can lurk.
The document name appears beneath or to the right of the icon. You can use the name to
determine the document’s contents — as long as the document was properly named when it was
saved to disk. (More on that elsewhere in this topic.)
You can see a Jump List of recently opened documents by right-clicking the Word
icon on the taskbar. Choose a document from the list to start Word and open that document.
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