Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 32
Ten Bizarre Things
In This Chapter
Inserting pretty equations
Document video
Doing the macro thing
Beholding the Developer tab
Hyphenating text
Setting document properties (or not)
Making a cross-reference
Using Collect and Paste
Disabling click-and-type
Keeping Word separate from the Internet
If Word were only about word processing, this topic would end at Chapter 17 . Fully half the topic
talks about things I consider to be along the lines of desktop publishing or even graphics, tasks that
can be done far better by using other software. But beyond those strange abilities are things I consider
even more strange and unusual. Welcome to the Twilight Zone, the chapter where I list ten bizarre
things I find in Word.
Here’s a feature that everyone demands, as long as everyone graduated from college with a degree in
astrophysics or quantum mechanics. It’s Word’s Equation tools, which you need whenever you’re
desperate to stick a polynomial equation into your document and don’t want to endure the tedium of
building the thing yourself.
You can pluck a premade equation from the Insert tab’s Equation button menu, as long as the equation
you need is shown there. Otherwise, just click the button by itself (not the menu triangle) and two
things happen: An equation content control is inserted into your document at the insertion pointer’s
location, and the Equation Tools Design tab appears on the Ribbon. Creating equations was never
easier! Well, creating them is easy, but knowing what they mean is a different story altogether.
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