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No, Word won’t solve the equation.
Video in Your Document
One showcased feature in Word 2013, but also downright strange, is its ability to embed a video into
your document. Obviously, the feature isn’t intended for anything you plan to print; inserting a video
is something you do for electronically published documents.
To insert a video, click the Insert tab’s Online Video button, occupying the Media group. Search for
a video by using Microsoft Bing (of course) or YouTube or by pasting in a video link. Eventually,
after little toil, the video appears as a large graphical object in your document. You can play it and
watch it right there on the screen, which is apparently something people have been demanding in a
word processor since the Electric Pencil program debuted back in 1976.
Videos are best viewed when a Word document is presented in Read mode — which in
itself is yet another bizarre thing. To enter Read mode, click the Read Mode button on the status bar
(shown in the margin) or click the Read Mode button on the View tab.
Make a Macro
I find lots of people who are curious about macros in Word. While I’d love to write about this topic,
it’s so big that I’m unable to do it justice in this topic. Still, it’s kind of a bizarre thing, so it fits well
into this chapter.
A macro is a teensy program you can write in Word that automates things, such as repetitive
keystrokes or tasks. It’s actually quite handy — but not simple to create.
You start making a macro by recording it. Here are some steps:
1. On the View tab, choose Macros Record Macro.
2. Give the macro a name in the Record Macro dialog box.
3. Click the Keyboard button to assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro.
I recommend using this approach over choosing the Button option, which is more work.
4. Type a keyboard shortcut combination.
Most of the good combinations are already used by Word, though many of the Ctrl+Alt+ letter
combinations are not.
5. Click the Assign button.
6. Click the Close button.
You’re now recording a macro in Word. Everything you do is recorded, from typing text to
choosing commands and setting options.
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