Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 33
Ten Avuncular Suggestions
In This Chapter
Keeping yourself supplied
Using references
Organizing your files
Prioritizing your text
Backing up your work
Using tabs properly
Memorizing keyboard shortcuts
Exploring new ways of doing things
Putting Word to work
Relaxing your ’tude
Just like Mom wouldn’t let you run off to school without ensuring that you were wearing a sweater
(especially when she was cold) and carrying your books, homework, lunch, and money for milk, I
don’t want you to march forth with your word processing efforts without reading at least ten more
pieces of loving, Word-friendly advice. This chapter is where you can find that advice.
Keep Printer Paper, Toner, and Supplies Handy
The electronic office is a myth. Along with your word processor, you need some real-world office
supplies. Keep them stocked. Keep them handy.
When you buy paper, buy a box.
When you buy a toner cartridge or printer ribbon, buy a second.
Keep a good stock of pens, paper, staples, paper clips, and all other office supplies handy.
Get Some References
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