Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Word is capable of opening other types of documents, including documents from previous
versions of Word, Rich Text Format documents, and others. Each of these documents has its own
icon, though the icon looks similar to the standard Word document icon. See Chapter 24 for
more information on opening alien documents in Word.
Behold the Word Program
Like all programs in Windows, Word offers its visage in a program window. It’s the place where you
get your word processing work done.
Using the Word Start screen
The first thing you may see after starting Word is something called the Word Start screen, as shown
in Figure 1-1 . This screen appears only when you initially start Word and it works to help you get
started by opening a recent document, browsing for a document file to open, or choosing a new type
of document to start.
Select an option, as illustrated in Figure 1-1 , to get working. Or if you’re waiting for your muse,
choose the Blank Document item and you’ll be on your way.
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