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In Depth Information
You should have two copies of everything you write, especially the stuff you value and treasure. You
keep the original copy on the computer’s main storage device (the hard drive); this topic tells you
how to save that copy. A second copy, or backup, should also be made, one that doesn’t live on the
same disk drive as the original.
To back up your work, use an optical disc, a USB thumb drive, a flash drive, an external hard drive,
or a network drive. You can back up files by simply copying them in Windows, though using a
traditional backup program on a schedule is the best method.
Understand Tabs
The problem most people have with tabs in Word is that the tab has two parts to it: There’s the tab
character itself, which is generated by pressing the Tab key. Then there’s the tab stop, which sets
how far across the page the tab goes. It’s this tab stop that’s more important, and properly setting up
tab stops in Word is vital to lining up your text, nice and neat.
Review Chapter 12 for more information on tabs and tab stops.
Also remember that any time you feel the slightest urge to press the spacebar more than
once, you need to reconsider what you’re doing and use a tab and a tab stop instead.
Use Those Keyboard Shortcuts
You should have a repertoire of keyboard shortcuts, representing many of the commands you use
often. Though it may not seem so at first, using the keyboard is much faster than getting by with the
mouse. Refer to this topic’s Cheat Sheet at
Try New Things
In Word, as in life, people form habits and repeat behaviors. Rather than falling into this trap,
consider trying new behaviors from time to time. For example, consider using tables rather than tabs to
organize your stuff. If you’re an ancient Word user from days gone by, check out some Quick Styles
or mess around with themes. Try to explore as much of Word as possible. You may master a new
trick or discover a faster way to get something done.
Let Word Do the Work
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