Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 2
The Typing Chapter
In This Chapter
Knowing the PC keyboard
Typing on a touchscreen
Using the spacebar
Using the Enter key
Observing the status bar
Minding the space between pages
Seeing stuff in your text that isn’t there
Living with weird underlines and colored text
Word processing is about using a keyboard. It’s typing. That’s the way computers were used for
years, long before the mouse and all the fancy graphics became popular. Yep — ask a grizzled
oldtimer and you’ll hear tales of ugly text screens and keyboard commands that would tie your fingers in
knots. Though things aren’t that bad today, I highly recommend that you bone up on your keyboard
skills to get the most from your word processing duties. This chapter tells you what you need to
Behold the Keyboard!
Typing happens on a keyboard. At this point in the history of technology, the keyboard can be a
physical keyboard or a touchscreen keyboard. This section explores the possibilities.
Using the PC keyboard
Though I’m sure you can easily recognize a computer keyboard, you should know how to refer to its
various keys. To assist you, I illustrate a typical computer keyboard in Figure 2-1 .
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