Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Figure 2-1: Famous attractions on the typical PC keyboard.
Generic terms are given to clusters of keys found on the PC keyboard. Know where the function
keys are, the typewriter keys, cursor keys, and modifier keys, as illustrated in the figure.
Here are some individual keys worth noting:
Enter: Marked with the word Enter and sometimes a cryptic, bent-arrow thing, this key is used
to end a paragraph of text. See the later section, “Pressing the Enter key.”
Spacebar: The only key with no symbol, it inserts spaces between words. Only one space! See
the later section, “Whacking the spacebar.”
Tab: This key inserts the tab “character,” which shoves the next text you type over to the next
tab stop. It’s an interesting and potentially frustrating formatting key. Using this key properly in
Word requires a whole chapter; see Chapter 12 .
Backspace and Delete: These keys are used to back up and erase text, which is a function
many writers find handy. Read more about these keys in Chapter 4 .
Every character key you press on the keyboard produces a character on the screen, on the blank part
where you write. Typing those character keys over and over is how you write text on a word
The Shift key is used to produce capital letters; otherwise, the text you type is in lowercase.
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