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Figure 2-2: A tablet’s onscreen keyboard.
“Do I need to learn to type?”
No one needs to learn to type to use a word processor, but you do yourself a favor when you learn. My
advice is to get a computer program that teaches you to type. I can recommend the Mavis Beacon Teaches
Typing program, even though I don’t get any money from her and none of her children resembles me. I
just like the name Mavis, I suppose.
Knowing how to type makes a painful experience like using Word a wee bit more enjoyable.
The onscreen keyboard’s operation works basically the same as a real keyboard: You type text with
your fingers, albeit probably not as fast as on a physical keyboard. Accessing some of the
specialized keys (function keys, cursor keys, and so on) is problematic. Still, the idea of using Word on a
touchscreen seems to be more of a quick-and-dirty thing than something you would seriously spend
time doing.
Then again, I don’t know how tolerant you are for pain.
Using the Ctrl key on the onscreen keyboard is a two-step process: Touch the Ctrl key and then
touch another key.
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