Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Not all Ctrl-key combinations in Word can be produced by using the onscreen keyboard.
Refer to Chapter 1 for information on activating Touch mode, which makes it easier to use
Word on a tablet.
You need a computer to create a document. It’s possible to edit a document, or even
create small documents, using a tablet, but it’s not the best tool for a job.
The Old Hunt-and-Peck
After starting Word, you’ll most likely type these words next:
Or on a tablet:
The text you type on the keyboard appears on the screen — even the typos and mistakes and bad
grammar: It all falls into place regardless of your intent, posture, or good looks. This section offers
some basic typing tips, suggestions, and advice.
Following the cursor
The key to writing in Word is to look for the insertion pointer in your text. It’s a flashing vertical
On a touchscreen, the vertical bar occasionally grows a circle, like an upside-down lollipop:
Use the circle to help move the cursor around; refer to Chapter 3 .
Text you type appears before the insertion pointer, one character at a time. After a character appears,
the insertion pointer hops to the right, making room for more text.
For example, type this line:
I want a helping of beets!
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