Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Computer type is more like professionally typeset material, and both typesetters and
professionaldocument folks know to put only one space after a period or a colon.
If you want to type two spaces after a period and actually see them, choose a
monospace font, such as Courier.
Backing up and erasing
When you make a typo or another type of typing error, press the Backspace key on the keyboard.
The Backspace key is used to back up and erase. The Delete key can also be used to erase text,
though it gobbles up characters to the right of the insertion pointer. See Chapter 4 for more
information on deleting text.
Pressing the Enter key
In word processing, you press the Enter key only when you reach the end of a paragraph. Though
pressing Enter at the end of a line of text might seem logical, there’s no need: Word takes the text
that hangs over the end of a line and wraps it down to the next line. Therefore, you press Enter only
to end a paragraph.
To practice pressing the Enter key at the end of a paragraph, type the following text:
Cindy was very convincing. She explained to her 4-year-old
brother that snails were a delicacy in France, so the
moist, slow-moving monopods were completely safe. Yet
Zach was dubious. Sure, he loved his big sister. And while
he didn’t mind occasionally popping a snail’s delicate
shell between his toes, he most definitely wasn’t going to
put one in his mouth.
Now that you’re done typing the paragraph, press the Enter key. There. You did it right.
There’s no need to use the Enter key when you want to double-space your text. Double-spacing
uses a text formatting command in Word. See Chapter 11 for more information.
Neither do you need to press the Enter key twice to add extra space between your paragraphs.
Word can automatically add space before or after paragraphs, which is also covered in Chapter
11 .
If you want to indent a paragraph, press the Tab key after pressing Enter. This can also be done
automatically; refer to (you guessed it) Chapter 11 .
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