Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
You can change the gap between pages in Print Layout view. Point the mouse at the
gap. When the mouse pointer changes, as shown in the margin, double-click to either close or
open the gap.
See Chapter 13 for information on forcing page breaks in Word. My advice: Don’t force a page
break by pressing the Enter key a gazillion times. You’ll regret it.
Working collapsible headers
You may see a tiny triangle to the left of various headings in your documents. These
triangles allow you to expand or collapse all text in the header’s section. Click once to collapse the
text; click again to expand it. Also see Chapter 25 , which covers using collapsible headers in detail,
as well as using Word’s outlining abilities.
Dealing with spots and clutter in the text
There’s no cause for alarm if you see spots — or dots — amid the text you type, such as
What you’re seeing are nonprinting characters. Word uses various symbols to represent things you
normally don’t see: spaces, tabs, the Enter key, and more.
To turn these items on or off, click the Show/Hide button on the Home tab in the Paragraph
group. Click once to show the goobers; click again to hide them.
The keyboard shortcut for the Show/Hide command is Ctrl+Shift+8.
Why bother with showing the goobers? Sometimes, it’s useful to check out what’s up with
formatting, find stray tabs visually, or locate missing paragraphs, for example. ( WordPerfect users: It’s as
close as you can get to the Reveal Codes command in Word.)
Understanding colored underlines
Adding underlining to your text in Word is cinchy; Chapter 10 tells you all about that character
format. Yet sometimes Word may do some underlining and add strange-colored text on its own.
Red zigzag: Spelling errors in Word are underlined with red zigzags. See Chapter 7 .
Blue zigzag: Grammatical and word-choice errors are flagged with a special blue zigzag. The
blue underlined text is most likely not the best choice for you to use. Again, see Chapter 7 .
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