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Figure 3-1: The vertical scroll bar.
The vertical scroll bar’s operation is similar to the scroll bar in any Windows program:
Click the up- or down-arrow buttons at the top and bottom of the vertical scroll bar to scroll
your document up or down. The document scrolls one line of text for each time you click those
up- or down-arrow buttons.
An elevator button appears inside the scroll bar. You can drag this button with the mouse, up or
down, to scroll the document.
You can click above or below the elevator button to scroll up or down one screen of text at a
The elevator button’s size reflects how much of your document you can see at a time. When the
button doesn’t show up, or is dimmed, the whole document appears onscreen. Otherwise, the elevator
button becomes smaller as your document grows longer.
The elevator button’s position also helps show you which part of your document is visible. When the
elevator button is at the top of the scroll bar, you’re viewing text near the start of the document.
When the elevator button is toward the bottom of the scroll bar, you’re seeing text near the
document’s end.
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