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No mere pencil eraser can match Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Backspace for sheer speed and terror!
Deleting more than a word
Word lacks keyboard-specific commands to delete more than a word or character of text. Larger
chunks of your document can be deleted, swiftly and effectively. It’s just that those ways are not that
Delete a line of text
A line of text is merely a line across the page (not really a grammatical issue). The easiest way to
delete a line of text is to use the mouse:
1. Move the mouse into the left margin of your document.
You know you’ve found the sweet spot when the mouse pointer changes into a northeast arrow.
2. Point the mouse pointer arrow at the line of text you want to obliterate.
3. Click the mouse.
The line of text is highlighted, or selected.
4. Press the Delete key to send that line into oblivion.
Delete a sentence
A sentence is a grammatical thing. You know: Start with a capital letter and end with a period, a
question mark, or an exclamation point. You probably mastered this concept in grammar school,
which is why they call it grammar school anyway.
Making a sentence go bye-bye is cinchy:
1. Hover the mouse over the offending sentence.
2. Press and hold the Ctrl key and click the mouse.
The sentence is selected.
3. Press the Delete key.
Oomph! It’s gone.
Delete a paragraph
A paragraph is one or more sentences, or a heading, ending with a press of the Enter key. Here’s the
fastest way to delete a full paragraph:
1. Point the mouse at the paragraph.
2. Click the mouse button thrice.
Thrice means “three times.”
3. Press the Delete key.
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