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Chapter 5
Search for This, Replace It with That
In This Chapter
Finding text in your document
Using various Find command options
Searching for text that cannot be typed at the keyboard
Hunting down formatting codes
Replacing found text with other text
Fixing formatting with the Replace command
Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep. Too bad she doesn’t know about Word’s Find and Replace
commands. She could find the misplaced ruminants in a matter of nanoseconds. Not only that, she could
use search-and-replace to, say, replace all the sheep with real estate. It’s all cinchy after you
understand and use the various Find and Replace commands. Sadly it’s only words that are replaced. True,
if Word could search and replace real things, there’d be a lot less sheep in the world.
Text Happily Found
Finding text is the domain of the Editing group, found on the far right end of the Home tab on Word’s
Ribbon interface. The Editing command button group may appear in its full glory, shown in Figure
5-1 , or, when Word’s window is too narrow, simply as an Editing button. When it’s a button, you must
click the button first to see the palette of commands, which (surprisingly) looks like the one shown in
Figure 5-1 .
Figure 5-1: The Editing group.
Finding a tidbit o’ text
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