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The Find command is good only for finding stuff. When you want to find something and replace it
with something else, you use the Find and Replace command. This section describes the details.
Replacing one thing with another
Suppose that you may want to change all instances of ungulates in your document to ruminants .
Here’s how that’s done:
1. On the Home tab, click the Replace command button, found nestled in the Editing group on
the far right side of the Ribbon.
When the Replace command button isn’t visible in the Editing group (refer to Figure 5-1 ), click
the Editing button, and then choose the Replace command button from the pop-up group of
command buttons that appears.
Choosing the Replace command button displays the Find and Replace dialog box, as shown in
Figure 5-4 . It should be familiar if you’ve often used the Advanced Find command. After all,
finding stuff is the first part of using Find and Replace.
Figure 5-4: The Replace part of the Find and Replace dialog box.
2. In the Find What box, type the text you want to find.
You want to replace this text with something else. So, if you’re finding coffee and replacing it
with tea, type coffee .
Press the Tab key when you’re done typing.
3. In the Replace With box, type the text you want to use to replace the original text.
To continue from the example in Step 2, you type tea here.
4. Click the Find Next button.
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