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At this point, the Replace command works just like the Find command: Word scours your
document for the text you typed in the Find What dialog box. When that text is found, you move on to
Step 5; otherwise, the Replace command fails because there’s nothing to replace.
5. Click the Replace button.
Word replaces the found text, highlighted onscreen, with the text typed in the Replace With box.
6. Continue replacing.
After you click the Replace button, Word immediately searches for the next instance of the text, at
which point you repeat Step 5 until the entire document has been searched.
7. Read the summary that’s displayed.
After the last bit of text is replaced, a dialog box appears and tells you that the operation is
8. Click the Close button.
You’re done!
All the restrictions, options, and rules for the Find command also apply to finding and replacing
text. Refer to the section “Text Happily Found,” at the start of this chapter.
The keyboard shortcut for the Replace command is Ctrl+H. The only way I can figure that one
out is that Ctrl+F is the Find command and Ctrl+G is the Go To command. F, G, and H are
found together on the computer keyboard, and Find, Replace, and Go To are found together in
the Find and Replace dialog box. Go figure.
The Replace command’s dialog box also sports a More button, which can be used exactly as the
More button for the Find command. See the section “Scouring your document with Advanced
Find,” earlier in this chapter.
Word may find and replace your text in the middle of another word, such as use in causes.
Oops! Click the More button and select the Find Whole Words Only option to prevent such a
thing from happening.
If you don’t type anything in the Replace With box, Word replaces your text with
nothing! It’s wanton destruction!
Speaking of wanton destruction, the Undo command restores your document to its
preceding condition if you foul up the Replace operation. See Chapter 4 for more information.
Replacing it all at once
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