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The steps in the previous section work well to find and replace tidbits of text around your document.
But it can often be tedious to keep pressing that Replace button over and over. That’s why the
Replace command’s dialog box sports the handy Replace All button.
The Replace All button directs the Replace command to find all instances of the Find What text and
— without question — replace it with the Replace With text. To use this button, simply click the
Replace All button in Step 5 in the preceding section. Then skip to Step 8.
Be doubly certain that you made the proper settings in the Find and Replace dialog box
before you click that Replace All button! You can still undo any mistakes, but for a large
document, a lot of text can be found and replaced in a manner most merciless.
Finding and replacing formatting
Just as the Find command can search for text with specific formatting, you can use the
Replace command to replace text and apply formatting or to replace one type of formatting
with another. Needless to say, this process can be tricky: Not only do I recommend that you
be familiar with Word’s formatting commands, but you should also be well practiced in using
the Find and Replace command.
Suppose that you want to replace all instances of underlined text with italic. Underlined text reeks so
much of typewriter, and that’s just too 20th century for these modern times. By replacing underline
with italic, you’re searching for one text format and replacing it with another; you’re not even
searching for text. So be careful. Do this:
1. Press Ctrl+H to summon the Find and Replace dialog box.
2. Click the mouse in the Find What text box and press the Delete key.
All text must be removed from the Find What text box.
3. Click the More button, if necessary, to display the full dialog box.
4. Click the Format button and choose Font from the pop-up menu that appears.
The Find Font dialog box appears.
5. In the Find Font dialog box, choose the single underline graphic from the Underline style
drop-down list, and then click the OK button.
Back in the Find and Replace dialog box, the text Format: Underline appears below the
Find What box.
6. Click the Replace With text box and press Backspace to delete that text.
Any text in the Replace With text box must be erased.
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