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Chapter 6
Blocks o’ Text
In This Chapter
Using blocks of text
Marking a block with the keyboard
Selecting text with the mouse
Using the F8 key to mark text
Unblocking text
Copying and moving blocks of text
Pasting text in various ways
You’ll find plenty of interesting blocks when it comes to writing. First are those moveable blocks
used by the ancient Chinese for printing. Then comes the inevitable writer’s block. In Word, you can
take advantage of blocks of text in a document, which is probably far more useful than the other types
of blocks. That’s because working with blocks in Word is like playing with blocks as a kid: Mix in
some, cut, copy, and paste, and you have this engaging chapter on working with blocks of text.
The Tao of Text Blocks
A block is simply a portion of text in your document, from a single character to the entire document.
The block has a beginning and an end, and the block itself consists of all the text between them.
You create a block by selecting text. You select text by using the keyboard or the mouse or one of
various other text-selection techniques covered in this chapter.
On the screen, the block appears highlighted, as shown in Figure 6-1 .
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