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It’s cinchy to mark a block of text on a multi-touch monitor: Simply drag your finger over the text.
Because this procedure may also scroll the document, a better option is to long-press a word:
Touch and hold the screen to select a single word. The word becomes selected, but also grows two
lollipop insertion pointers on each end. You can then drag each of the insertion pointers to extend
the selection.
Out, damn Mini toolbar!
When the mouse is used to select text, Word displays the Mini toolbar, looking like this:
The Mini toolbar is a palette of common formatting commands that Word supposes you need for a quick
format on that selected text. After initially disliking the Mini toolbar, I’ve grown to enjoy it. But I recognize
that you may find it more annoying than useful. If so, you can suppress its display. Follow these steps:
1. Choose the Options command from the File tab’s menu.
2. If necessary, choose General from the list on the left side of the Word Options window.
3. Remove the check mark by the item Show Mini Toolbar on Selection.
4. Click OK.
If you would rather not eternally banish the Mini toolbar, note that it hides itself whenever you move the
mouse beyond the selected chunk of text.
To work with a selected block on a touchscreen, touch the block. You see the touchscreen version of
the Mini toolbar, referenced in the earlier sidebar, “Out, damn Mini toolbar!,” and shown in Figure
6-2 . The commands on that toolbar help manipulate the block.
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