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Figure 6-2: Touch-screen toolbar.
Marking a block with the mouse
Forget cheese. The computer mouse was born to mark text, by selecting vast swaths of words with a
wide sweep of your hand, by clicking a number of times, or by using the old click-and-drag routine.
Mickey may rule a kingdom, but your computer mouse rules over text selection in your computer.
Drag over text to select it
The most common way to select text is by using the computer mouse. Point the mouse at the start of
the text block, and then drag the mouse over the text you want to select. As you drag, the text
becomes highlighted or selected. (Refer to Figure 6-1 .) Release the mouse — stop the dragging — to
mark the end of the block.
You can use this simple technique to select any old block size in your document,
though it works best when you use the mouse to drag over only the text you can see on the
screen. When you try to select text beyond what you see on the screen, you have to select and
scroll — which can be unwieldy; the mouse scrolls the text up and down quickly and, well,
things get out of hand.
When you find yourself becoming frustrated over not selecting all or part of a word, refer to the
nearby sidebar, “Would you rather select text by letter or by word?”
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