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4. Do something with the selected block of text.
Word remains in Extended Selection mode until you do something with the block or you press the
Esc key to cancel Extended Selection mode.
Doing something with a block of text is covered in the second half of this chapter.
To cancel the extended selection, press the Esc key. This action ends Extended Selection
mode and keeps the block of text marked.
You can use the mouse and the F8 key to get fancy. Position the cursor at either end of the block
you want to mark, and press the F8 key. Then position the mouse cursor at the other end of the
block, and press the left mouse button. Everything from there to there is marked.
After pressing the F8 key, you can use the Find command to locate a specific bit of text. Word
marks all text between the spot where F8 was pressed (the anchor) and the text that the Find
command locates.
Press the F8 key twice to select the current word (the one the insertion pointer is
blinking inside of).
Press the F8 key thrice (three times) to select the current sentence.
Press the F8 key four times to select the current paragraph as a block of text.
Press the F8 key five times to select the entire document, from top to bottom.
No matter how many times you press F8, be aware that it always drops anchor. So pressing F8
once or five times means that Word is still in Extended Selection mode. Do something with the
block or press Esc to cancel that mode.
Blocking the whole dang-doodle document
The biggest block you can mark is an entire document. Word has a specific command to do it, to
select all text in a document: From the Home tab, locate the Editing area. (Click the Editing button
when the entire Editing area isn’t visible.) Then choose Select Select All. Instantly, the entire
document is marked as a single block o’ text.
From the keyboard, you can use Ctrl+A to select an entire document or press the F8 key five times.
Or you can even use the obscure Ctrl+5 (the 5 on the numeric keypad) key combo.
Deselecting a block
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