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When you mark a block of text and change your mind, you must unmark, or deselect, the text. Here
are a few handy ways to do it:
Move the insertion pointer. It doesn’t matter how you move the insertion pointer, with the
keyboard or with the mouse — doing so unhighlights the block. Note that this trick doesn’t exit
the F8 key’s Extended Selection mode.
Press the Esc key and then the key. This method works to end Extended Selection mode.
Press Shift+F5. The Shift+F5 key combo is the “go back” command (see Chapter 3 ), but it also
deselects a block of text and returns you to the text you were editing before making the
Manipulate the Block of Text
You can block punches, block hats, block and tackle, play with building blocks and engine blocks,
take nerve blocks, suffer from mental blocks, jog for blocks, and, naturally, block text. But what can
you do with those marked blocks of text?
Why, plenty of things! You can apply a format to all text in the block, copy a block, move a block,
search through a block, proof a block, print a block, and even delete a block. The information in this
section explains those tricks.
Blocks must be selected before you can manipulate them. See the first half of this chapter.
When a block of text is marked, various Word commands affect only the text in that
To replace a block, type some text. The new text (actually, the initial character) replaces the
entire block.
Delete a block by pressing the Delete or Backspace key. Thwoop! The block is gone.
Formatting commands can be applied to any marked block of text — specifically, character and
paragraph formatting. See Part III of this topic.
Also see Chapter 32 for information on Word’s bizarre yet potentially useful Collect and Paste
Copying a block
After a block is marked, you can copy it into another part of your document to duplicate the text.
The original block remains untouched by this operation. Follow these steps to copy a block of text
from one place to another:
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