Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
1. Mark the block.
Detailed instructions about doing this task are offered in the first part of this chapter.
2. From the Home tab, choose the Copy tool from the Clipboard group.
Or you can use the common Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut for the Copy command.
You get no visual clue that the text has been copied; it remains selected.
3. Move the insertion pointer to the position where you want to place the block’s copy.
Don’t worry if there’s no room! Word inserts the block into your text.
4. Choose the Paste tool from the Clipboard area.
Or you can use the common Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut for the Paste command.
The block of text you copy is inserted into your text just as though you had typed it there by
See the later section, “Setting the pasted text format,” to find out what to do about the wee li’l
Clipboard icon that appears by the pasted text.
After you copy a block, you can paste it into your document a second time. That’s
because whenever a block of text is cut or copied, Word remembers it. You can yank that block
into your document again at any time — sort of like pasting text again after it has already been
pasted. You use Ctrl+V, the Paste shortcut. Pasting text again simply pastes down a second copy
of the block, spit-spot (as Mary Poppins would say).
You can paste the block into another document you’re working on or even into another
application. (This is a Windows trick, which most good books on Windows discuss.)
Moving a block
To move a block of text, you select the text and then cut and paste. This process is almost
exactly the same as copying a block, described in the preceding section, although in Step 2 you
choose the Cut tool rather than the Copy tool or press the Ctrl+X keyboard shortcut for the Cut
command. Otherwise, all steps are the same.
Don’t be alarmed when the block of text vanishes! That’s cutting in action; the block of text is being
moved, not copied. You see the block of text again when you paste it in place.
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