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To keep only text with a copied or cut block (no formatting), you can press the Ctrl key and then the
T key after pasting. That’s two separate keys, not Ctrl+T.
Using the Paste Options icon is utterly optional. In fact, you can continue typing or working in Word
and the icon bows out, fading away like some nebbish who boldly asked a power blonde to go out
with him and she utterly failed to recognize his existence. Like that.
You can choose the Set Default Paste command after clicking the Paste Options icon to
direct Word on how to permanently deal with pasted text. It’s a handy trick, especially when
you find yourself repeatedly choosing the same Paste Options format.
Copying or moving a block with the mouse
When you have to move a block only a short distance, you can use the mouse to drag-move or
dragcopy the block. This feature works best when you’re moving or copying a block to a location that
you can see right on the screen. Otherwise, you’re scrolling your document with the mouse while
you’re playing with blocks, which is like trying to grab an angry snake.
To move any selected block of text with the mouse, just drag the block: Point the mouse
cursor anywhere in the blocked text, and then drag the block to its new location. Notice how the
mouse pointer changes, as shown in the margin. That means you’re moving the block of text.
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