Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Copying a block with the mouse works just like moving the block, except that you press
the Ctrl key as you drag. When you do that, a plus sign appears in the mouse pointer (see the
margin). It’s your sign that the block is being copied and not just moved.
The Paste Options icon appears after you “drop” the chunk of text. Refer to the preceding
section for more information on the Paste Options icon.
When you drag a block of text with the mouse, you’re not copying it to the Clipboard. You
cannot use the Paste (Ctrl+V) command to paste in the block again.
A linked copy is created by dragging a selected block of text with the mouse and
holding down both the Shift and Ctrl keys. When you release the mouse button, the copied
block plops down into your document with a dark highlight. It’s your clue that the copy is
linked to the original; changes in the original are reflected in the copy and vice versa. If not,
right-click the linked copy and choose the Update Link command.
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