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No luck; she gets another error:
The size specified for a binding was too small, resulting in table 'ProductModel' column
'Instructions' value being truncated.
The operation has been cancelled.
It seems that another column is creating problems. The solution is the same: she removes
that column from the list, tries it again and Bingo! This time, the loading succeeds, and she
now has the ProductModel table loaded into PowerPivot, as in Figure 4-10.
FIguRE 4-10 The ProductModel table in PowerPivot.
She removes the useless columns from the tables and goes on loading Products,
SalesOrderHeader, and SalesOrderDetail by following the very same process. The big
difference this time is that the Import Wizard is already able to detect the existence of
relationships and loads them into PowerPivot whenever she loads more than one table
in the same process.
Now she opens a PivotTable and starts creating her report. After she adds the product
model name and the line total from the sales order detail, PowerPivot warns her about
the need for relationship, as shown in Figure 4-11.
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