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In any PowerPivot workbook, you normally have more than a single data source because—
after all—the PowerPivot task is to let you integrate information coming from different
sources. After data passes through the data source and reaches PowerPivot, it takes the
form of a PowerPivot database. So the choice of the Data Feed to use is useful only during
the loading process; after data is in PowerPivot, it does not matter where it came from.
If you want to see the complete list of all the data sources available in PowerPivot, you can
open the Table Import Wizard (see Figure 5-1), which you can find by clicking the From
Other Sources button on the ribbon in the PowerPivot window.
FIguRE 5-1 The Table Import Wizard.
In the Table Import Wizard, you find all the data sources available in PowerPivot, which include
a lot of sources that are not available on the ribbon buttons, such as Oracle, Teradata, and many
others. Each data source has specific parameters and dialog boxes, which we are not going to
cover in detail because the details necessary for connecting to the specialized data sources
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