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FIguRE 5-2 The Table Import Wizard, connecting to SQL Server.
The Table Import Wizard guides you step by step during the whole loading process, asking
for just a few parameters in each dialog box. These are the important parameters that you
need to ill in this first dialog box:
Friendly connection name This is a name that you can assign to the connection to
recall it later. We suggest overriding the default name that PowerPivot suggests because
using a meaningful name makes your life easier later on, when you need to recall the
same connection, for example, to load another table from the same database.
Server Name This is the name of the SQL Server to which you want to connect. In all
the examples, we use localhost , which is a special name that refers to the local computer,
whichever its name is. In your specific environment you will need to write the name of
the SQL server, which your IT department will provide you.
Log on to the server This option lets you choose the method of authentication to
use when connecting to SQL Server. You can choose between Windows Authentication
(which uses your current Windows account to provide the credentials for SQL Server) and
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