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FIguRE 5-6 Data filtering.
Data filtering is very powerful and relatively easy to use. You can use the list of values,
automatically provided by PowerPivot, or if there are too many values, you can use
the Text Filters option and provide a set of rules in the forms greater than , less than
or equal to , and so on.
Note Both column and data filters are saved in the PowerPivot table definition so that when you
refresh the table from the PowerPivot window, they can be applied again.
Loading Relationships
When you finished filtering the table, clicking OK makes PowerPivot load the tables. As soon
as PowerPivot finishes loading data, it detects whether there are any relationships among the
tables currently being loaded. Because relational databases are able to store not only data, but
also information about existing relationships, PowerPivot queries the database to see whether
relationships are stored, and if some exist, PowerPivot replicates them in its internal database.
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