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Selecting Related Tables
During the loading process that we have shown up to now, we have not focused on another
useful button in the Table Import Wizard, which is the Select Related Tables button (see
Figure 5-8). We dedicate some time to it now.
PowerPivot can analyze the relationships between tables stored in the database and
automatically select for us all the tables that have some kind of relationship with the
ones already selected.
If, for example, you select only the Product table, you get a window similar to Figure 5-8.
FIguRE 5-8 PowerPivot lets us quickly select all tables related to the already-selected ones.
If you click the Select Related Tables button, PowerPivot scans all the tables in the database,
searching for any that has a relationship with the Product table. As soon as it detects one, it
automatically selects it. In Figure 5-9, you can see the result: 16 tables have been selected by
this process, which means that the database contains 16 tables that have a direct relationship
with Products.
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