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FIguRE 5-9 There are 16 tables related to the Product table.
Please note that if you click the same button again, PowerPivot finds another 11 tables to
select. The second time the algorithm starts, it has 16 tables already selected, so it detects
all tables that have a relationship with the previously selected tables. So, to recap, the first
time PowerPivot detected the tables that are in relationship with the Product table, and the
second time it detected tables that are in relationship with those found during the first step.
This process is more evident if you look carefully at Figure 5-9. The ProductCategory table was
not selected during the first step because ProductCategory is not directly related to products.
The Product table is related to ProductSubcategory. Then ProductSubcategory, in turn, is in
relationship with ProductCategory, which will be selected during the second step.
You could go on repeating this step until all directly and indirectly related tables are selected.
Chances are that, if you did that, you would end up selecting the whole database because
normally all tables are related in some way with all the others.
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