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FIguRE 5-17 Connection to an Analysis Services database.
Using the MDX Editor
Now we describe the MDX editor. Designing an MDX query is much easier than designing a
SQL query. The reason emerges partly from their purposes: whereas SQL is a query language
intended to be used by IT people, MDX has been created to be easily integrated into rich clients,
like PowerPivot. Moreover, as strange as it might seem, MDX editors are powerful and convenient
to use because MDX is much more difficult to write than SQL; as a consequence, much more
effort went into writing an MDX editor than into writing a SQL editor.
In Figure 5-18, you can see a sample query that provides the sales amount divided by region,
category, subcategory, and other dimensions. We are now going to use this example to show
some of the most interesting features of the MDX editor. You can find this example in the
companion workbook CH05-01-MDX_Loading.xlsx.
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