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Note The MDX editor uses the latter method of querying data because it needs to define the
number of columns in the destination table. If you put, for example, the date on columns, the
number of columns of the resulting table might vary, depending on when you execute the query (as
the number of years increases, so does the number of columns). When you impose the restriction
of putting dimensions on rows only, the MDX editor grants that the number of columns is invariant
and can be used to determine the structure of the PowerPivot destination table, which needs a
fixed number of columns.
After you have designed the query and clicked OK, the user interface returns to the query
editor, showing the complex MDX code that executes the query against the server. We do not
think it is at all interesting or necessary for you to understand the complexities of MDX; you can
safely trust that the strange code shown in Figure 5-22 will indeed return the correct values.
FIguRE 5-22 The MDX code generated by the editor.
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