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FIguRE 5-26 Sales in 2004, divided by month, category, and subcategory.
To use the predictive values in PowerPivot, you need to load the worksheet in Figure 5-20 into
PowerPivot and then make some computations to get the prediction to work. To load the table
in PowerPivot, it is enough to put the cursor in it and click the Create Linked Table button on the
PowerPivot ribbon. This immediately loads the table into the PowerPivot database and gives it
the same name as the table in Excel, which by default could be Table1. You can see the loaded
table in Figure 5-27.
FIguRE 5-27 The predictive table loaded into PowerPivot.
If you did not define a name for these tables in Excel, you rename them Sales and Prediction
in PowerPivot, to give them meaningful names. However, we suggest that you name these
tables correctly in Excel, too, so that you have the same names for these tables in both Excel
and PowerPivot.
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