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FIguRE 5-34 A Word table containing some information.
Even if PowerPivot has no data source to load from Word documents, you can load this table
into PowerPivot if you want to by selecting the full table, copying it to the Clipboard, and then
using the Paste button in the PowerPivot window. PowerPivot opens the Paste Preview dialog
box, shown in Figure 5-35.
Using this window, you can give the table a friendly name and preview the data before you
import into PowerPivot. Clicking OK ends the loading process and places the table in the
PowerPivot database.
Clearly the same process can be initiated by copying a selection from an Excel worksheet or
any other software that is able to copy data in tabular format to the Clipboard.
It is worth noting that you can use the two buttons Paste Append and Paste Replace. With
the first button, you append the content of the Clipboard to an already existing PowerPivot
table. With the second, you can replace the contents of a table with that of the Clipboard.
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