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FIguRE 5-35 The Paste Preview dialog box, before you paste data from the Clipboard.
Loading from a Report
When you work for a company, you are likely to have many reports available to you. You might
want to import part or all of the data of an existing report into your model, using it as a data
source for your own report. Most of the time, you import such data by copying it manually or
by using copy and paste techniques. However, these methods mean you always load the final
output of the report and not the original data that has been used to make the calculations.
Moreover, if you use the copy and paste technique, you often have to delete formatting values,
such as separators, labels, and so on, from the real data. In this way, building a report that is
able to automatically refresh data extracted from another report is hard if not impossible, and
most of the time you end up repeating the import process of copying data from your sources.
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