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If you have access to reports published by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2008
R2, PowerPivot is able to directly connect to the data used by the report. This way, you
have access to a more detailed data model that can also be refreshed, and you are not
worried by the presence of separators or other decorative items. You get only the data:
in fact, you can use a report as a special case of Data Feed, a more general type of data
source that we describe in the next section. Because this is a particular case of data feed,
there is a dedicated user interface to select data coming from a report.
Look at the report shown in Figure 5-36: the URL points to a sample Reporting Services
report. (The URL can be different depending on the installation of Reporting Services
sample reports, which you can download from )
FIguRE 5-36 Sales by Region report from Reporting Services 2008 R2.
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