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This report shows the sales divided by region and by individual stores, using a chart and a
table. Clicking the number-of-shops number of a state, the report scrolls down to the list of
shops in the corresponding state. So you see another table, not visible in Figure 5-36, which
appears when you scroll down the report. If you click the Export To Data Feed icon that is
highlighted in Figure 5-36, your browser asks you to open or save a file with a name that
has the .atomsvc extension, as you can see in Figure 5-37.
Note The .atomsvc file contains technical information about the source data feeds. Technically
speaking, this file is a data service document in an XML format that specifies a connection to one
or more data feeds.
FIguRE 5-37 The dialog box displayed when you click the Export To Data Feed button in a report.
If you choose to save this file, you can then open it from the PowerPivot window by using the
Get External Data From Data Feeds feature that we discuss in the next section. However, if you
choose to open this file, the same importing feature is activated automatically, and you see the
Table Import Wizard, shown in Figure 5-39.
Note If you have one or more Excel files already open, clicking Open produces another dialog
box (before showing the wizard you see in Figure 5-39) that asks you whether you want to add
the data from the data feed to one of the open files or into a newly created Excel file, as you
can see in Figure 5-38.
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