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You can just change the friendly connection name for this data feed and then click Next.
The Advanced button allows you to change some parameters of the connection, such as user
credentials and other settings. Usually, you do not need to change these parameters for data
feeds coming from a report. After you click Next, you can choose what data table to import
from the report, as you can see in Figure 5-40.
FIguRE 5-40 Selecting tables to import from a data feed (a report in this case).
The report you saw in Figure 5-36 contains four data tables. The first two contain information
about the graphical visualization of the map on the left side of the report. The other two are
more interesting: Tablix1 is the source of the table on the right side, which contains sales divided
by state, and tblMatrix_StoresbyState contains the sales of each store for each state. You can see
in Figure 5-41 the number of rows imported in each of the selected tables, shown after you click
Finish in the final stage of the Table Import Wizard.
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