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FIguRE 5-41 End of import data from report.
Clearly, the first time you import data from a report, you might not know the content of
each of the tables available: in this case, you can use the preview features available in the
Table Import Wizard or simply try to import everything and then remove from PowerPivot
all the tables and columns that do not contain useful data. You can see in Figure 5-42 the
first few rows of the Tablix1 table.
Note You can see in Figure 5-42 that the last two columns do not have meaningful names.
These names really depend on the discipline of the report author, and because usually they are
just internal names not visible in a report, it is pretty common to have such undescriptive names.
In such cases, you should rename these columns before you use these numbers in PowerPivot.
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