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FIguRE 5-42 Sample rows imported from the report.
Now that you have imported report data into PivotTable, each time you refresh a table in
PowerPivot the report is executed again and updated data is imported to the selected tables,
overriding previously imported data.
Until now, you have seen how to import data starting from the report displayed in a browser,
opening Excel and PowerPivot in an automatic way. However, you can import data from a
report when you are using PowerPivot, using its Get External Data From Report feature. The
Table Import Wizard asks you for the Report Path, as you can see in Figure 5-43.
FIguRE 5-43 Table Import Wizard importing data from a report.
When you click the Browse button, you can choose the report to use, as shown in Figure 5-44.
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