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Loading from a Data Feed
In the previous section, you saw how to load a data feed exported by Reporting Services in
PowerPivot. In fact, Reporting Services makes data available to PowerPivot by exporting it as
a data feed. However, this technique is not exclusive to Reporting Services and can be used
to get data from many other services, including Internet sources that support the Open Data
Protocol (also known as OData), and data exported as a data feed by SharePoint 2010, which
we describe in the next section.
You can click the From Data Feeds button on the ribbon in the PowerPivot window to start
the loading operation. The Table Import Wizard dialog box displayed in Figure 5-46 asks for
the Data Feed URL. You saw this dialog box in Figure 5-39 when you were getting data
from a report. This time, however, the Data Feed URL text box can be modified and does
not have a fixed value provided by the report itself.
FIguRE 5-46 Requesting a Data Feed URL.
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